Fancy a ride?



Club officials run rider training courses in London and Brighton which are available to book through Airbnb Experiences.

Enrolling on a training course entitles you to lifetime membership of the Penny Farthing Club.

Please see the Events section for a list of current events.

Club Events

When you become a member of the Penny Farthing Club, you will be eligible and encouraged to participate in the Club’s exciting events and activities. These include social rides, charity events, Victorian costume rides, paid corporate engagements, Penny Farthing Polo and road / track racing.

Please see the Events section for a list of dates and confirm your attendance with the Club Secretary.

Corporate events

We welcome opportunities to work with commercial organisations and we can make the club’s penny farthing bikes available with experienced instructors for special events, team-building rides or PR opportunities.

Please contact the Club Secretary for availability and costs.

Penny Farthing Corporate Events